Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Of Gin and Juniper

Today, I found myself having the most engaging loose association rant in my head.  It was, I think,  influenced highly by the smell of Gin and Juniper berries.

No, I wasn't drinking some hip cocktail, I was in the shower.  Not that the two are mutually exclusive, as I type this, I see that...But instead it was a smell created by LUSH. (again, I suppose I should explain, not the smell of myself as a lush, in the shower, but rather the soap making company).  I  had bought on 2 for 1, their "punch" soap.  Making sense yet?

It shouldn't, it doesn't to me, but as it was very pungent I began, naturally, to think on Atheism and God and In-between things.  Honestly some of those thoughts must have gone down the drain with the smell of gin and  juniper.  But, what did stay with me was this and it makes entirely no sense until later, when it only really makes marginal sense, but stay with me.

Your atheist friends and your 'believer' friends will have you believe, if you call yourself Agnostic that you claiming the religious equivalent of calling yourself 'bi-sexual'.  Nobody wants to believe it.  They think you are merely in transition to one of the two sides.  Even when you really are 'bi' if you happen to settle into a dating relationship with one or the other side, you get the whispers of "I knew it."

As a side note.  I really don't understand this need for people to demand others to 'come-out'.  I really thought the idea of 'being who you are' was that you could do just that.  And if you don't want to scream your identity or think it does or should define you, that should be okay.  Which is why it was with mixed feelings I heard about Jodi Foster this week.  I do not care who she loves.  It's been pretty clear she is private and it was pretty clear for a long time she liked ladies.  I don't get people who wanted and needed her to 'come-out'.  She was happy, leave it at that.  Which is basically what she said.  But.  Having to say that just to acknowledge her partner kinda defeats the purpose, no?

Anyway... You know who is Agnostic?  Fox Mulder. Agent Mulder is the perfect example of an agnostic.  He wants to believe. But that doesn't stop him from looking for evidence.  He even concedes that sometimes his ideas are ridiculous.  Not often, but it happens.

Which brings me to my next deduction.  I'm sure this is not what Chris Carter had in mind at all, but I don't care because I think it makes everything better.  And, I really hope I'm not the only one who has come to this conclusion. (Otherwise, I am going to have to check the alcohol content in that soap and/or order more.)

I believe Mulder was the one kidnapped by aliens.  Not his sister. (in the backstory that is.  I am aware he was kidnapped plenty of times)  And this whole entire story is a construct of his psyche, trying to make sense of being a captive of space aliens.  Likely ones with probes and/or a desire to understand why humans make them feel all gleebed out.

It really makes so much more sense.  This unwavering need to believe in a story.  And it has a better twist than other theories I've read.  Like, his sister was just kidnapped and he was rendered psychotic.  It also makes sense of the big 'why' question.  As in -why would the FBI keep him?  Even in the basement?  More importantly...why would they give him access to the car pool and the credit cards and guns?

Anyway...Feel free to take that idea and run with it, I'm sure me and my gin soaked soap will come up with more in the weeks to come.

Did I mention the two for one?  

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