Saturday, November 19, 2011

Song Saturday-Indians and Aliens

A pre-Thanksgiving Song sat.

Most all of you know I don't like Thanksgiving, The overindulgence in celebration of genocide, doesn't seem like much of a point. I'd much rather have a dinner party on say...March 17th...a day that means nothing to me other than maybe I want to share good times with people I care about.

But for those of you who do love getting together with family, I wish you well, I hope you cherish one another and please show love, put aside the drama and bad feelings for another day. Ideally we would do this anytime we are together.

Also every year I encourage boycotting Black Friday. It's a bunch of bullshite. The deals you are getting are not deals. In addition to my general disdain for this day, the Occupy folks are also asking you support the 99% by not shopping on Black Friday this year.

Go for a walk instead, cut out snowflakes, kiss your mate, your kids, your dog, feed the hungry, go on a busking tour, hug. Just don't shop.

Friday, November 18, 2011

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