Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Song Saturday-Society Makes Me Sad

Okay, I do realize it's monday. But people I was dancing near nekkid except for some glittery hot pants at my rapture party. Imagine my disappointment to see the same old Assholes here the next day...I'm sure some of you share my disappointment. I was going to share Johnny Thunder's version of Society Makes Me Sad, however this one was eversomuch more poignant and lovely. It is all encompassing, what do you think? >

Monday, May 23, 2011

Subversify Resurrects Before the Rapture


Oh even the End Times can't stop Subversify!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Subversify Is Under Attack

Like so many outlets that bring news subverting the status quo, Subversify itself is under attack.  We need your help.  Please donate $1 to whatever...all is appreciated! Help support media that eschews the mainstream muddle.  Do it today!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Song Saturday-Friend to the Friendless

Oh how I love Punk Cabaret...

Please to Enjoy: The World/Inferno Music Society

I'm not above drinking alone
but no good ever comes of it,
unless you count me talking to you now
So, have you been hurt?
Did you hurt someone?
Did you get all crashed down upon?
Me, I'm a friend to the friendless
not that I chose it and if I had
well then who knows?
But that one guy on the train
all talking to himself
ah, he's talking to me
He's saying
"At school they taught me a prayer for money,
a prayer for crap jobs right till I die
never a prayer for people, the brokenhearted
the lonely"

Did you let the blues make you bad
Did you get all twisted?
Did you get so drunk you whispered
"I think I'm gonna die?"
Did you pass nights wondering why you never saw it coming?
Nobody ever sees it coming, no exceptions at all
I'm a friend to the friendless and I don't care
If I had a choice in this it wouldn't be fair
but I don't so let's not get all carried away
with shit you wouldn't change anyway
let's make this a prayer for money
a prayer for Sundays through Mondays
and crap jobs right til I die.
Because where we are we won't always be
and shit man that could be me
getting hurt, hurting someone
getting all crashed down upon
burning holes in butterfly's wings
while wishing just wishing for other things
Nobody ever sees it coming, no exceptions at all
Nobody ever sees it coming, are you ready for this?
Never wear white socks with black shoes
Don't get all twisted
Don't let the blues make you bad
I know you miss him
Don't let your standards fall down with your hair
How it felt when you kissed her
Straighten your tie, tuck in your shirt
I'm a friend to the friendless
And I don't know why but come on kids, please,
we'll walk right on by
I know you are lonely, you'll always be
You are so many things you will not always be.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Song Saturday- Saving Us

Big Big happenings this week. Evil doers somehow found (allegedly) and lost at sea. Does it matter?

Not in the least.

People are still losing their homes in America and unable to get affordable healthcare. Sooner or later we are going to see Repo Men being played out as we pay big buisiness to fix our insides.

The E.U. still had to bail out Spain this week and is looking at Greece, Portugal and reducing interest rates to Ireland.

Oh and our Republitards passed a bill through the House redefining rape. Good going guys, according to them incest and statutory rape is a-ok as long as fetuses aren't aborted. Obama says he will veto this if it passes the Senate but really he hasn't been keeping a lot of promises. Sounds to me a little like religious extremism in lawmaking anyway.

Just in case you were deluded into thinking the death of one man meant anything to what we are experiencing, I bring you a message from Serj:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poor Wake Etiquette

Sunday night I sat in sad wonder and watched exactly 6 minutes of news coverage showing Americans acting like asses in response to a death. 

I had stayed with it that long because the news agency in question kept tempting me with promises to show the President's response to the death.  I gave up though, I couldn't hack the typical dancing in the street fervor that looked exactly like this:

Oh no wait, wrong picture It looked like this:

You can see why I was confused right?  But there's swords in the first one...

Anyway I'm Celtic and appreciate a good party at a wake and all that but even I can see that this was in pretty poor taste.  Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it battle etiquette to show some compassion and humility to you fallen foe?  I believe the Mafia sends flowers to the families of those they whacked and keeps the partying private.  And shouldn't someone have returned the body to the family?  This wasn't exactly a head of state but it was America's ENEMY NUMBER ONE.

I am not however that surprised.  It seems America is just itching for any excuse to party.  In my own home town we had an actual PLAN OF ACTION announced 3 days running up to the big Big BIG-ASSED ALL OUT CELEBRATION OF- Cesar Chavez Day.

I kid you not.   People were concerned about riots on Cesar Chavez day in my College town community.  It seems Sombreros were being worn "inappropriately" -again,no joke, it was announced on the radio and written up in the College news paper. Other troublesome items of clothing were flojos, blankets and Sr. Frogs t-shirts.  A collective sigh of relief went out when nothing out of the ordinary happened on March 31.

We really dodged that bullet. 

We are racist.

To think that people celebrating a man who organized migrant farmers could not pass up a chance to beat up a drunk person wearing an "inappropriate" Sombrero. 

To be fair, they were also concerned that the holiday landed on a 5 day weekend for students.  What they should have been more concerned about is the fact as a community we have robbed students of all of their traditional festival/party days by either scheduling them for when students are gone or making them disappear altogether. (the festival, not the students)

  Americans, particularly working class and poverty stricken ones have no fun days.  How can they really be expected to not come out for the wake of the new century and make fools of themselves when they have had civil rights stolen from them, not to mention their incomes, their dignity and actual holidays that make sense to party at.  We need a reason to dance.  I guess we in all our juvenile-ness got carried away.  I'm not making excuses but really if we treated each other better, gave ourselves more down time we might actually grow up a tad.

 Or not.

We will probably make it into a national holiday which will end up being celebrated only by college students eager to blow off steam after we take Cesar Chavez day away from them.