Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Notes from the Road

I'm working from the road this week. The 9-5 breadwinner in my household got a free room in exchange for attending boring conference discussions about paperwork and client service models for public mental health. So as it is in Monterey I packed up my laptop and jumped in the car. Free away from home writing inspiration for me!

My stereo went out last week so we had no music for the trip which worked out okay, we discussed the things tripping through my mind, like global human migration, worldwide responsibility for helping other countries and if we should if they clearly fucked up their own situation...We discussed indie music and my most favorite kind of musician the ones you can't describe, as in he/she plays this or that.

Also on my mind as we travelled were changes in the Monterey bay area. Santa Cruz has grown quite a bit and Monterey itself is filling up with strip malls like anywhere America. The old military base-turned college campus looks like it's tearing stuff down and selling space to Chili's and Bath and Body Works.

Monterey has lost some coastline, there is plastic on the shores in frightening proportions. I watched as a birthday balloon was tossed by a wave to the shore. I wondered where it had come from...what it's sad birthday story was....I always ascribe sad stories to trash at sea, it could have been a happy birthday, I don't know.

I began reflecting on these stomping grounds of Steinbeck which have changed so much just since the last time I was here, he I think wouldn't recognize or even feel comfortable here. Development wars for zoning seem to be being lost, I guess money can buy you whatever you want, at least ski-high hotels and Starbucks on every corner. Even the Hookers are displaced, had initially thought to go and look for where they may have ended up but alas some of my traveling companions necessitate a nixation of that plan.

I'm thinking of a write up, retrospective on Steinbeck, shall visit important Steinbeckian points of interest this week, which I'm sure will thrill the Brownies some of whom came with me, they are only interested in adventure, so I must think hard on how to sell it to them.

In any case This Day is beautiful sunny and warm, couldn't ask for better so off to walk the shores I go.
Oh yes and go check my article this week at http://www.subversify.com which talks about a revisiting of Hurricane Katrina as it relates to Haitian relief and disaster relief in general. Also check out all the other juicy non-status quo stuff up for offer this week.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Night Walk

The crack in the sidewalk showed Her life well.

I knelt and ran my forefinger from top to bottom, taking Her offered nectar.

It tasted of earth, leaves, full of smoke and almost a tannin flavour.

Yet bright and fresh.

The Moon almost full to deliverance shined through a break in the clouds.

Radiantly orange and yellow against their whiteness.

Swiftly, they moved across Her.

One shaped like a Roc flew directly over, seeming to linger.

It was an omen.

Good or bad, must wait to see.

An owl had tracked my path in the still of the night.
I could hear it; it's wings soft but audible on the clean cold night.
Good omen this; the gentle whoooo imparting wisdom which my deeper self will recall as needed.

Remembrances of a different owl, so long ago.

I reach the creek swelling slowly from recent rain.
It's cold breath I can feel.

Ophelia Wept.

I can hear her, not for you my attentions this night my sister.

This night,

My Sister,

Sleep softer.

Soon I reach my destination, where warmth and light await.
I slow my step savoring the cold's bite.

I am a creature of the night.