Monday, June 28, 2010

When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors (HD Theatrical Trailer)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why didn't you do your math? Wall Street Journal- New York State wildlife expert Richard Thomas found that a woodchuck could chuck around 35 cu ft. of dirt in the course of digging a burrow. Thomas reasoned that a woodchuck could chuck 700 lbs. daily.

We didn't do our math because we don't do math, we write.

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I never watched Lost, did I miss much?

What is this thing called "Lost"? We are tied to our computers and not allowed to watch anything. It's a sweatshop here.

Ask me anything

Ghosts of Abandonment

Lying beneath a million ghosts

I note the weeds beneath me

So much healthier than the intentional plantings

The hunger of abandoned places...

A phrase I have heard and remembered,

The hunger of abandonment,

It's what feeds the weeds

And makes ghosts of long lost stars